Our who. Our why. Our how.

The United States Chamber of Exchange is a Consulting Management Agency.

The US Chamber of Exchange was founded after over a decade of work alongside Human Resources on private and USA federal contracts.

The US Chamber of Exchange, a consulting agency aiming at helping to level the playing field in the realm of diversity issues within hiring practices, at various levels of professional recruitment. Companies hired Onassis for his advanced recruiting tactics. We’ve been able to create a job index of professionals, containing over thousands of names on the east coast of the United States alone.

The United States Chamber of Exchange was created with the purpose of giving back power to the professionals. Targeting specifically professionals seeking new opportunities, or additional opportunities that they can accomplish while working their regular 9-5 jobs. By sharing info on the who, what, where, why and hows of it all.

Our subscription service was designed to be affordable. The cost covers database maintenance, resume evaluations, newsletters, and much more exclusives. Including a professional self help book that is written by one of our board members, John Onassis.

We’ve employed thousands of professionals in all fields. It’s simple and easy to join. Once you subscribe, we enter you into our database and connect your credentials with positions we feel would be great for you. If the company is interested, they speak with you and you negotiate your contract. We do not conduct background checks nor request any tax information. Nor do we take a cut of your salary like many other agencies do. Our passion is to help people across the globe gain honorable work to provide for their families and themselves.

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